Biogas plants

Purichem specialises in the desulphurisation of biogas, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency of the products used to optimise the operation of a biogas plant.

Specifically, we offer our customers:

The aim of our interventions is to increase plant safety and reduce plant downtime. Longer component life results in considerable savings in operating costs. The products we use include:

    • A wide range of activated carbons, including impregnated carbons, with a high absorption standard;
    • Replacement of various types of stainless steel activated carbon filters in biogas plants: compact and easily replaceable, they are ideal for separating hydrogen sulphide from biogas.
    • Steel filters with one or two chambers designed for biogas plants for the elimination of hydrogen sulphide: they require limited maintenance and are characterized by their heat insulation capacity;
    • Gas cooling system for biogas drying which allows to increase the time of use of the engine oil by preventing any corrosion in the gas path: ease of use and high performance;
    • Microelements and microorganisms to increase the yield of methane in biogas plants.

Following a consultation with the customer ad hoc, Purichem will offer the most suitable products:

    • impregnated activated carbons for the desulphurisation of biogas and landfill gas;
    • Iron Pellets for the removal of hydrogen sulphide from biogas.

Iron hydroxide is particularly effective in reducing hydrogen sulphide in the fermenter: it eliminates sedimentation and corrosion, easy to use.

Purichem can also take care of the collection and disposal or regeneration of spent activated carbons and supply the activated carbon best suited to the customer's needs.

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